How To Migrate To Denmark From India

If you wish to relocate to Denmark from India, there are certain procedures that need to be followed by both the organizations and individuals who wish to immigrate to Denmark. The procedure for Denmark’s immigration into India is comparatively less than the procedures followed for migrating to other countries. The procedure for migration to Denmark from India is not as lengthy as the procedure for migration to any other country. The Danish embassy in India provides all necessary assistance to those who want to migrate to Denmark. The Consulate General of Denmark is located in Pune.

The consular office for Denmark Immigration in India is open from five days to one month, between the hours of nine o’clock to four o’clock. You can either visit in person or you may choose to utilize a Denmark immigration agent (agents) to process your application on your behalf. When applying for your residence permit, make sure that you have completed the entire application form completely and submitted it along with the required documents.

In order to receive an immigrant visa, you may apply for Danish citizenship. If you are eligible, you will be given a confirmation of approval by the Danish authorities. This document is called the Danish Compulsory Certificate after which you may apply for a visa. The visa will allow you to work in Denmark for the first three months of your stay. However, you may apply for a family visa if you have children residing with you in Denmark.

There is a special family visa that is available for individuals coming to Denmark to study. The work visa will be applicable to individuals coming to Denmark to look for work. You may apply for the residence permit before you undergo the formalities for the study visa. Once you get hold of the residence permit, you may then proceed to the visa department to look for a job. The process for the residence permit takes about two to three months from the time you request one.

The next option that you may apply for is the Danish employment provider scheme. If you are a foreign national and if you plan to stay in Denmark for more than three months, then you may apply for the Danish employment provider scheme. This scheme is available for the workers coming to Denmark to fill the gap in the labor market or for workers who have a residence in Denmark but do not have a working permit. You need to pay the prescribed fees before you can start your work.

You may also want to consider the no-visa policy if you have no other choice. This is basically a stay permit scheme that is implemented during times of emergency like when an international airport has been closed. It is applicable to certain periods only like three months or any amount of time after you acquire the residence permit. However, the no-visa policy makes the Danish immigration procedure easier and faster for foreign nationals. If you need an exemption or special permission, then you may apply for it. You have to provide substantial proof and documentary evidence to the Danish Immigration authorities before you can apply for an exemption.

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